Privacy Policy

At Ichigo HDD, we know that not everyone feels confident while sharing their personal information and you might be concerned about the usage and sharing of your information once provided to us. Therefore, this page will explain our privacy policy to you and if you have visited our website, then it will be considered that you accept our privacy policy.

Automatically Collected Information

Every time you engage with us, we will be receiving and compiling the information provided to us. For instance, we use “Cookies” just like the majority of the websites. Thus, when your internet browser visits our website, we will collect your personal information. (Go through the Information Collecting Process at the end of this policy for more details) There are many companies that provide the convenience to surf the website anonymously. However, in such a case we can’t offer you the best experience on our website as the user ID is unidentified but we would like to remind you that such technologies do exist.

E-mail Correspondence

We want to make email more engaging and useful for our users and that’s the key reason due to which every email that you receive from Ichigo HDD will confirm whether you have read it or not (only if the computer can support this function). In addition to that, we compare our customer list and other companies so that we can avoid junk messages.

Information from Other Resources

At Ichigo HDD, we will collect your information from several other resources and add it to our customers’ database for multiple purposes (Go through the Information Collecting Process at the end of this policy for more details).


Cookies consist of letters and numbers that are stored on your computer’s hard disk. Our systems read through your internet browser so that we can identify your browser while you visit our website and display the details and number of products in your shopping cart. However, the help function of the toolbar on your internet browser will inform you every time how you can prevent your browser from installing cookies and how to shut them down totally. Plus, you can close and cancel alike data of browser add-ons such as Flash cookies by altering the settings or visiting other websites. Cookies can improve your experience at and that’s why we would advise you to accept them.

The Information from Other Sources

We also receive information from other resources which contains the dispatching and address we get from third parties which can improve our records and makes it easier to contact you and deliver your next order. Account details, purchasing or returning information, keywords searching, result provided by our affiliated enterprises’ service, page surfing information received from our cooperative enterprises, search results and links, not-for-free searching lists as well, identifiable details (name, email address, passwords, directory inquiries, etc.) payment setting and credit card details, and so on. If you have any queries or questions, then you can reach out to us through phone or email.