Terms and Conditions


1 – Website

This website is owned and operated by Ichigo HDD with a registered office at, (referred as ” Ichigo HDD ” or “we” or “us”). Ichigo HDD is a RESELLER OF COMPUTER HARDWARE PRODUCTS, PERIPHERALS and ACCESSORIES.

This website is intended for use by Ichigo HDD’s current and future Customers. Individuals who place an order to buy our products are required to agree with these Terms and Conditions. Please review these Terms and Conditions, before making a purchase or placing an order through our website.


2 – Definitions

“Business Customer” refers to a Customer who is not a Consumer.

“Consumer” refers to an individual who is not representing his or her business or profession.

“ichigohdd.ae” is referred to as “Ichigo HDD” or “we” or “us” in this set of Terms and Conditions.

“Catalog” refers to the catalog of products and services that we offer.

“Force Majeure” refers to any cause that affects the performance by obligations arising from acts, omissions, events, happenings, or non-happenings beyond its reasonable control which include but are not limited to governmental regulations, flood, fire, or any other disaster or any type of industrial dispute that affect a third party.

“Normal Working Hours” refers to 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM GST on a Working Day.

“Working days” refers to Monday to Friday, excluding Bank or other Public holidays.

“Open Online” or “website” refers to the Internet website, accessed through the address www. Ichigo.ae.

“Customer” refers to a Business Customer, Customer, or potential Customer of Ichigo HDD.

“User” refers to the individual who accesses this website on behalf of the Customer.

“Administrator” refers to the individual who is allowed to administrate and authorize the Users on behalf of the Customer.

“Products” refers to the items listed for sale on the website, which can be bought by the Customer.

“Terms and Conditions” refers to the entire set of terms and conditions to access this website by the Customer, Users, and the Limited Terms and Conditions of sale, which addresses the commercial and trading aspects between Ichigo HDD and the Customer.

3 – Orders

This set of Terms and Conditions govern all the sales of Ichigo HDD’s products (the “items”) by the Seller to the customer regardless of whether Customer purchases the Items through the medium of a written purchase order or an electronic order through EDI (collectively “Purchaser Orders”). Upon confirmed receipt by the Customer of an express acceptance by or upon commencement of performance by Ichigo HDD, these Terms and Conditions, the Purchase Order, as modified by Ichigo HDD’s acceptance or order acknowledgement, become a binding contract between the Customer and on the terms and conditions presented in those documents (the “Sales Agreement”). In case of any conflict between these Terms and Conditions and any Purchaser Order, these Terms and Conditions prevail except where has it is expressly agreed to the conflicting term in the Purchase Order with its acceptance or its acknowledgement. In case of any conflict between the Purchaser Order and Ichigo HDD’s acceptance or order acknowledgement, the acceptance or order acknowledgement prevails. Nothing in this set of Terms and Conditions is intended to negatively impact the Consumer’s statutory or contractual rights to refuse to accept faulty Products.

All orders are subject to the acceptance and the availability of the items ordered: is entitled to reject any order placed by you.

You also agree and undertake that:

All the details that you provide us with to buy items or services that are offered on our website are absolutely correct.

You also agree that the credit or debit card that you use to make a payment for the purchased items is your personal card or your company’s card, for which you are authorized to use it, and that there are sufficient funds available or credit facilities available to cover the cost of any items or services that you order from us. We reserve complete rights to obtain verification of your credit or debit card details before providing you with the ordered items or services.

Please note, that we may record and/or monitor inbound and outbound phone calls and electronic traffic for training.

Acceptance of any order is subject to credit approval and acceptance of the order by Ichigo HDD. If the Customer’s credit becomes unsatisfactory to Ichigo HDD, we reserve the right to terminate upon notice to Customer and without liability to Ichigo HDD.

4 – Prices

All prices are exclusive of any type of applicable sales taxes, for which (if applicable) the Customer must be additionally liable. Sales taxes are mostly applicable in California but may include other states, countries, and/or provinces as well.

Ichigo HDD reserves complete rights, by giving written notice to the Customer at any time before the delivery, to increase the price of the items to reflect any current changes in the specifications of the Products or items that are requested by the Customer or are compulsory as a result of any type of delay caused by (a) the Customer’s instructions or (b) the Customer’s failure to provide sufficient and valid information or instructions to Ichigo HDD.

5 – Ordering

We will confirm and update the receipt of your order through email.

We will confirm and update you that your order has been accepted through email.

We will confirm and update you that your order has been dispatched along with its tracking number through email.

Also, note that we always consider the email address that you have provided us with for communication either on the web, on the phone, or through fax.

6 – Delivery, Title and Risk

For all questions related to delivery, please reach out to our Customer Support. To check the current status of your order, please log into your account at the account login link. Delivery is free of charge for DATA MEDIA orders above the specific amount (excluding Tax). For Data Media orders below the specific amount, the charges will remain the same regardless of the value or weight except for the orders outside the UAE which have a separate delivery structure.
Ichigo HDD shall use suitable endeavors to dispatch and deliver the Products by the agreed date with the Customer but does not accept any liability for the failure to deliver the Product as per the promised time where the situation is created by circumstances that are beyond our control, such as delays that are caused by the delivery/shipping companies or the manufacturer lead times. If a delay is expected, we shall use adequate efforts to communicate it to you and update you regarding the matter. A Customer who is actually a Consumer shall be entitled to cancel/refuse an order when there is an update of a delay in case where the revised delivery date is not acceptable.

In a case where an individual is a Business Customer and we are unable to deliver the purchased Products within 30 days of the agreed delivery date, the Business Customer will, with its sole remedy, be entitled to cancel/refuse the order and require a certain amount of money paid to in respect of that order as refunded. To successfully cancel the order, the Business Customer must provide us with written notice of cancelation after the promised date and before the delivery of the products or at the moment when Products are ready to be delivered.

In a situation when the Business Customer does not accept the liability for any shortages or damages caused to the deliveries unless the Business Customer communicates the matter to us within 48 hours of receipt of the delivery, the Business Consumers should communicate the shortages or damage within a suitable period of becoming aware of it.

Business Customers should be able to accept the Products when they are ready for delivery within the stated Normal Working Hours.

The Products are at the risk from the estimated time of their delivery by the Designated carrier or delivery company. If for any reason the Customer fails to accept the delivery of any of the purchased Products when they are ready to be dispatched to the Designated shipping company/carrier or is unable to dispatch the purchased Products to the Designated shipping company/carrier timely because the Customer has not provided adequate instructions, required documents, and/or any type of authorizations, then the risk of the Products will pass on to the Customer (including everything such as loss or damage caused due to negligence) at the moment the customer provides signed proof of delivery, as the Products will be deemed to have been delivered to the Customer, may store the Products until the delivery where the Customer will be held liable for all related costs and expenses and the applicable Condition.

Title in the Products cannot pass to the Customer until the payment is received in full by Ichigo HDD.

If the Customer is unable to accept the delivery, may: (i) store and insure the Products at the Customer’s own expense and risk or (ii) sell the Products at the best reasonable price obtainable and (after deducting reasonable storage insurance and selling expenses) pay to the Customer any type of
excess over the sale price or charge the Customer for any type of shortfall or (iii) re-arrange the delivery provided to the Customer may incur additional delivery costs.

The Customer may ask for proof of delivery, provided that the request is made in writing and within 3 months of the date of delivery and must use adequate efforts to provide such proof. Thereafter, the delivery shall be deemed to have been completed successfully.

Upon successful delivery of the Products, the Customer will be required to sign proof of the delivery to provide valid acknowledgement. It is the sole responsibility of the Customer to make sure that the total number of packages delivered/shipped matches the total number stated on the delivery note. In a case when a discrepancy occurs or when there is evidence of damage to the packaging, must be noted on the proof of the delivery without any amendments.

7 – Delivery terms

Standard delivery: With every standard delivery, you receive the complete order within a duration of 1 to 2 days, from the time when all the products in your order are in stock.

Same Day delivery: With every same-day delivery, you receive the order for the items that are in stock before the closing of business for all the orders that are placed before 4:00 PM GST.

Part Shipping: If you have ordered more than one item, then it is probable that they have been added at different times; and therefore, you can request multiple deliveries and will be charged for all the deliveries above the standard delivery.

Shipping to Various Locations: Some customers purchase centrally and want to have multiple items delivered to various addresses; this can be easily done after going through the relevant security checks and making sure that everything is clear and the additional costs have been covered.

We deliver to multiple regions. Shipment is done via Federal Express or UPS. Once the order has been dispatched, you may expect it to be delivered within 2 days maximum through the delivery company. Ichigo HDD reserves the complete right to choose the delivery method at its sole discretion.
Also, note that since DHL does not deliver orders on weekends, so any orders placed on a Friday will be delivered to you on the following business day provided that your desired product is available at our warehouse.

8– Availability

We regularly update our website to make sure that we provide complete details on product availability, and the mentioned lead-time is also regularly updated. We try our best to ensure constant availability of all the advertised items; however, we cannot promise availability. In an event that you have chosen an unavailable item, our team will contact you within suitable time duration to update you about its expected delivery date. If the ordered product is still not available after the communicated waiting period has passed, we will reach out to you via email or by phone to ask for an extension to the previous waiting period or to recommend a different product. If a product appears to be out of stock on our website, then it is still highly probable that one of our suppliers may have it in their stock. If you want to check this, then please contact us through a phone call or an email.

9– Payments

There are four different modes to make payment. Whether you have ordered online, through phone, fax, or an email: you can choose from Credit and Debit Cards, Account, or Bank transfers.

On Account: By filling in our provided Credit Application Form you can process the payment. Once it has been submitted, the credit department team will determine the credit limit at their sole discretion. This process can take almost a week. Once done, we can offer you up to 30 days’ net terms within the approved credit limit.

Credit and Debit cards: Payment can also through credit and debit cards. It is considered one of the most secure payment modes (your card will be charged only on the day of your order for security reasons). It can either be done online or by filling the credit card form on our website.

Bank transfer payment: This mode offers the option to make payments by bank transfer. In this regard, please note that Bank transfers from other countries will only be accepted if the customer has paid the additional transfer costs. Your payment will be instantly processed when the bank transfer has been received at our end. Once we receive the payment, we will start dispatching your purchased Products. Always remember that offline payments often take several days.

By Telephone: In some cases, we consider using the option of phone calls. If you have ordered a high-value product then we reserve the right to call you for the verification and confirmation of the order through our customer service number which is “Number” (Toll-Free).

C.O.D. payments: Another easy payment option is cash-on-delivery (“C.O.D.”) which we can facilitate but for security reasons, we may ask the customer to make the payment through bank transfer.

It is also important to note that if we, our insurance company, or the fraud detection department identify any suspicious details, then we reserve the complete right to cancel the transaction for security and safety purposes.

For credit account customers, the standard terms of payment are 30 days from the date invoice has been generated. It will apply to all transactions except those with different terms that are agreed in writing.

If the payment is not made by the stated due date, then you will be entitled to charge interest on the outstanding balance daily at the rate of 18% per annum if you are Business Customers and at a rate of 5% per annum if you are a Consumers.